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Wayne and Marc Are Back!

We were so glad to welcome Wayne and Marc back from their trip to India last Thursday, November 10. It was a very successful journey, by all accounts, and we rejoice that many souls were saved and the gospel spread to many more. Thank you, Wayne and Marc, for your efforts!

Guest Speaker Series

While Wayne is away spreading the gospel in India, we have a wonderful opportunity to hear messages from God's word presented by young men from Florida College! Here is the lineup:

10/9 AM: Cameron Piner
10/9 PM: Brent Dyer
10/16 AM: Jesse Bingham
10/23 AM: Brian Hamilton
10/23 PM: Cody Castleberry
10/30 AM: John Pollard

At the 10/16 6PM service, one of our members, Keith Delaney, will be presenting the sermon.

There is no speaker scheduled for the 10/30 6PM service, because this is when we have our monthly Singing Service.

Hope you can join us!

Godspeed, Wayne and Marc!

Wayne and Marc depart tomorrow, October 3, for their annual month-long journey to spread the gospel in India. Please pray with us that many will be blessed with the Good News during their trip, that they will remain safe, and that their families will be protected (and not miss them too much) while they are gone! In Wayne's absence, we will have a series of guest speakers, mostly young men from Florida College, to come preach during Sunday morning and evening services.

Friday December 02 2016

Old Testament: Ezekiel 34-35 Ezekiel 34-35

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