Times of Service (COVID-19)

Times of Service (COVID-19)

The 14th Avenue Church of Christ is pleased to announce the resumption of all services and classes beginning Sunday, July 11. Our regular meeting times are as follows:

Sunday Bible Study - 10 AM
Sunday AM Worship - 11 AM
Sunday PM Worship - 6 PM
Thursday Bible Study - 7 PM

For vaccinated people, masks will be optional at all meetings except the Sunday 11 AM worship service (see below).

Unvaccinated people are asked to continue wearing masks at all our meetings.

Note: The Sunday 11 AM service will continue to be abbreviated and include extra precautions to accommodate those that desire them. For more information, see "We Meet Again!", below.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

Here is more information about our COVID-19 precautions and requirements...


We Meet Again! (NOTE: This information applies to the Sunday 11 AM worship service.)

14th Avenue Church of Christ is pleased to announce that we will resume our Sunday morning worship service...

If you decide to worship with us on Sunday, here are the guidelines that we will be following:

Entering the Building:

- All doors to the auditorium will be open, allowing maximum ventilation. The heating and cooling system will be off during this time, but the air handler will be on to circulate air from outside.

- As you come in, you should see a table in the foyer with zip lock bags containing individual communion service. Please pick one up and proceed to your seat. Please do not pick up communion service for anyone else. (The zip lock bag should be used to hold your trash after communion.)

Social Distancing and Masks:

- Those who come as a group should stay together and maintain 6 feet of separation from other groups.

- Every other pew is roped off to help ensure that this distance is maintained during worship.

- If another group is sitting in your row, please maintain a 6-foot separation between groups.

- Everyone who can safely wear a mask should do so.


- Everyone should pick up their own single-service communion pack in a zip lock bag on their way into the auditorium.

- After taking communion, place your trash in the zip lock bag.

- Either take the bag home with you, or leave it in the pew for someone to collect after services.

Order of Service: 

We will have an abbreviated service consisting of the following:

- Opening Prayer
- Song
- Communion
- Sermon
- Invitation Song
- Closing Prayer


- Everyone should go directly out of the building after services. Please no lingering inside the building.

- Once outside, please maintain social distancing as you greet your brothers and sisters in other households.

We are excited to begin worshiping God together, again. If you can join us on Sunday, you are more than welcome!